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Share Your Referral is a free online platform where nice people can earn money by sharing referral links. Post referral links and get discounts online for using links shared by others. Submitting your referral links will let you receive bonuses for referring people, while your referrers will receive bonuses for using the link you shared. Our team works to share your referral offers with the most interested customers. When someone subscribes to a service or offer using your link – you both win!

Please remember to follow the following rules or your link will not posted:

  • No illegal, sexual, nefarious, or malicious submissions are allowed. If you fail to abide by this rule your account will be permanently banned immediately with no questions asked. Please see our TOS page for further details.

  • You must add a description of the referral that you are adding, this allows others to understand and encourages people to use your referral link. The more information you have the better. When creating a new post/topic ask yourself “What will they get if they use my referral link?” and put that in the description. Do a little research and sell it, make people want to click your link!

  • Do not submit just a link or it will be deleted, read the previous bullet above.

  • Do not submit your link more than once!

  • Each post will be reviewed before being made public, it’s up to the Moderators to allow your submission or not, they may contact you to revise your post before it goes public.

  • Images, it’s highly advisable to use images that will help sell the product or service you are offering. There is an image size limit of 1MB. Please use a link to an existing image that is already uploaded on an external image hosting site.
    Note: If the external image is removed your post will be removed, so please pick a dependable image host. Here are a few free one’s that we suggest:
    Or any of these mentioned here in this article.

  • PM the Staff if you have any questions.

  • Review the FAQ.

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