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Virtual Bitcoin Miner - Earn FREE Bitcoins!



Dynamic Mining

CloudPRO Virtual Miners uses AI to determine the most profitable coin to mine and makes adjustments

BTC Payout

All Miners will payout every 4 hours to the user’s account.

Crypto Wallet

Full-featured Bitcoin Wallet

  • Virtual Bitcoin Miner - No Power Costs
  • Passive Income - Easy Income
  • Earn Bitcoins The Easy Way
  • No setup or configuring, it just mines Bitcoins!

Get bitcoins without the hassle of setting up a miner, earn free Bitcoins each month.

Easy passive income with no complex setup, just create an account and let it mine for you automatically.

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Virtual Mining FAQs:

Why should I trust you.

We have been in business for 9 years, and we have nothing to gain at this point from trying to scam people.

How is the profit calculated?

The Profitability is recalculated hourly and uses metrics from the mining pools, Cost of hosting and hydro. Main factors to changes in profitability is the price of Bitcoin as this fluctuates dramatically from day to day. Hydro is the next main factors as the cooling needs changes from day to day especially as it gets warmer.

Why do the Package Prices keep Changing?

Our package’s prices may fluctuate as the cost of hardware is constantly changing. If you plan on getting one you might not want to wait too long as the price can change.

How long is the setup?

Setup is usually based on hardware availability and noted above.

How is one-time possible?

CloudatCost purchases miners and sets them up for you. We keep 5% for maintenance and pay the power/cooling bills. The remaining is paid out to you

How long can I use it?

This Virtual Miner is yours for life and you can use it as long as you want.

How do I get Paid?

You get paid in BTC and can withdraw to a BTC wallet or use the funds to buy more Virtual Miners.

We are currently working on Wire Payments and will be added once ready.

Can I sell the miner?

If you don’t want the Virtual Miner you can sell it to someone else as the supply is limited. Once ready you can transfer ownership in the panel.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can take Credit Card, Bank Wire, and any CryptoCurrency.

See invoice for instructions on paying with crypto.

What if Bitcoin Crashes?

In the rare event that Bitcoin crashes to a point that the Power and Cooling Bills cant be met the miners will automatically power off. As soon as the price rises above the thresh-hold the miners will power back on.

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