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Multi-platform, profit-switching mining software for home computers and rigs

CudoMiner is a multi-platform, profit-switching mining application and OS with mobile-monitoring support.

If you own a dedicated mining rig, then you can install Cudo OS and manage your rig remotely, or if you want to mine when your home PC is idle, then you can download the application and install it on your PC and this setting will be enabled by default. You can auto-exchange your profits to your choice of currency and modify OC settings from the website, mobile app or the application or OS itself. The cudominer application supports windows and linux.

I have personally tested this software with my usual OC settings and it works just as well as TeamRedMiner, my usual choice, plus it saves some hassle if you want to profit-switch but also want the reduced volatility offered by auto-exchanging. Definitely worth looking into if you want to save some time setting up your rigs.

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