Share Your Referral


Visit and choose from dozens of unmineable coins.

The website works like a mining pool, you follow the instructions on the ‘start’ page and use my code ‘#2hey-k5l6’ after your worker name to get a discount on withdrawal fees (I also make a small amount of crypto from the fees, but you end up saving money).

The difference is that you specify the coin by appending its symbol to the beginning of the address - i.e. ‘SOL:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ and you provide the address for the network where you want to receive the coins, not your ETH address. So in my example you would replace the ‘xxxxx…’ with your solana wallet address.

You can check the profitability of each coin on its respective ‘start’ page when you input your expected hashrate.

This is an excellent way to get coins anonymously without using an exchange or paying large fees.

Remember, you can add my referral code #2hey-k5l6 to the end of your worker name to get a discount on pool fees.

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