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Earn Crypto Currency through new web browser

Hello All,

After some time trading Crypto Coins, and in the last few weeks watching the Gas fees on Ethereum shoot up and down, the thought crossed my mind that the miners must earn a decent amount for the provision of their IT equipment and power.

When I went investigating on how to get into mining on the Blockchain, you very quickly find all references to hardware called mining rigs that are quite expensive, this immediately prices some people out of the venture before they even start.

This is where a new browser called CryptoTab steps in, what it does is it utilises your Personal Computers CPU and Memory power (Not GPU like mining rigs) to mine for Monero XMR which is then converted into Bitcoin.

Monero is mined using CPU power and Memory which most people’s set have quite decent amounts of these days, but the true potential of this as a money making option is through the Refferal program. On first looking at this, it appears to be an affiliate marketing style product, which is correct with one major difference…. There is no fee to be paid if you want to simply get in for free. That means no one is going to get ripped off down the line by paying a fee which is distributed to the users that got in first.

Presently, there are only 20 million users using this web browser world wide, if we think about this in regards to how large the potential market is to grow in, China for example has 800 million internet connected devices between Desktop/Laptop/Mobile. India has 500 million, and so on around the rest of the globe.

All you need to do is Install, leave the browser running and build yourself a network of users through referrals and you all can share in earnings from contributing to mining the Blockchain by providing Hashing power from your machines components, the running of your machine is not affected as the browser uses the unused Memory and CPU space to complete the hashing,

Try it out here, i have already installed and i am earning MoneroXMR/BitcoinBTC,

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